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About Lynn Lee

President, LeeAgra, Inc.

LEE DT 200 Shipping Straps and Wrapping

The LEE DT 200 is shipped LTL Pallet and loaded on to a tractor trailer.Since the DT 200 is considerably smaller than a tractor trailer can carry it is considered less than a load (LTL). Here we show the LEE DT 200 shipping straps and wrapping for LTL pallets. DT 200 Shipping Pallet We actually designed the DTT 200 [...]

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LEE DT 200 – What NPT Openings?

Two frequently questions about the DT 200 are, “What all is included for the base price?” and “What NPT Openings are available?” I hope this post helps you with your buying decision. NPT Openings As you can see in the pic below, the DT 200 has four 2in. openings along the top of the tank. 1) Sight gauge. 2) Optional pump [...]

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Cat 1 Quick Hitch Quick Look

Designing this unique Cat 1 quick hitch has been a blast. In the design process our team was committed to thinking outside of the box. We wanted make the ultimate hitch for your Cat 1 and Cat 2 tractor for the implements you already have. So here are a few things we came up with. Fit a Cat 1 and Cat 2 tractor. [...]

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Cat 1 Implements? We hear you!

Although cat 1 implements can be very handy, switching them quickly is tough. 40 Years...and Counting For over 40 years we've manufactured  top end quick hitches for the Cat 2, Cat 3 and just recently Cat 4 three-point tractor market. Due to the oversupply of Cat 1 hitches from overseas manufacturers we have avoided the Cat 1 quick hitch market. Our customers [...]

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