Chad talks about Cat 1 Quick Hitch Options on the new Farm Hand.

From the Cat 1 Quick Hitch Options video:

Hey we’re back here at LeeAgra today talking about our Farm Hand hitch that we’re really excited about. Just introduced this to market. Again it’s a category 1 hitch on the implement side. Will fit on a category 1 or a category 2 tractor it has a lot of optional features that can be added to it and that’s what we’re gonna discuss in this video.

As you can see here I already have a hay spear inserted into this lower receiver tube. We can do the same thing on this side. I have another hay spear here that we can insert here. And you have two hay spears that you can use the full lifting capacity of this tractor. Because, typically a lower horse power tractor has a lot more lifting capacity on the three point than it does on the loader. So this will allow you to lift larger bales, handle them really efficiently and safely. You can also pick-up pallets with this. We have a fuel trailer vessel called a DT 200 or a DT 2×100 that you can also use this set up to move a fuel vessel around loaded or empty.

Farm Hand Cat 1 Quick Hitch Options

A lot of people don’t realize that a spear set up like this works just as effectively as a pallet forks. So rather than having to have both attachments if you have a Farm Hand and you have a bale spear attachment for that you can go and pick up virtually anything on your farm that you may need to. We’ve also added chain hooks on both ends of this so that you can use a 5/16in. chain to secure things to your spears if you have that package on there. Or to latch something to the hitch. Or to lift with or a number of different things that you can use those attachments for.

One other optional attachment we have here is a ball mount that can be used in this higher position for maneuvering goose neck trailers around. You can pick them up and maneuver them. You can also use that ball mount in the lower two positions like the spears are for picking up tongue pull trailers or anything else that you may use a ball for.

Now we’re working on some other implements that is also going to use this tube set up. Rather than having a separate implement that connects to the hitch we’re just adding options to the hitch itself so that you don’t need all of those additional costly implements, you just a few attachments that go along with your Farm Hand.