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LEE DT 200 – What NPT Openings?

Two frequently questions about the DT 200 are, “What all is included for the base price?” and “What NPT Openings are available?” I hope this post helps you with your buying decision. NPT Openings As you can see in the pic below, the DT 200 has four 2in. openings along the top of the tank. 1) Sight gauge. 2) Optional pump [...]

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DT 2×100 Pump Package

From the LeeAgra DT 2x100 Pump Package video: All right. Some of the features that I wanna show you about this pump package that was optioned for on this tank, again this is a DT 2x100, this customer optioned this tank with the typical 20GPM Tuthill setup like we use on our 500 gallon fuel tank trailers as well as our 1000 gallon fuel trailers. So this is a [...]

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DT 2×100 Fuel Tank Introduction

From the LeeAgra DT 2x100 Fuel Tank Introduction video: Alright. Hey thanks for joining us again today we’re here at LeeAgra talking about some of our different products lines. The thing we want to talk to you about today is called our DT 2x100 Fuel Tank. And we’ve been building fuel tanks for a lot of years and putting them on [...]

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DEF Diesel Fuel Trailer? Some things to consider.

We are frequently asked about making a DEF Diesel Fuel Trailer. The reason it's a question is very simple: DEF must remain unconatminated in the field. DEF Handling The handling of DEF is a sensitive matter.  DEF exposed to extreme temperatures can be an issue as well. DEF freezes at 12 degrees F. DEF begins to degrade at temperatures above 85 degrees F, and is extremely [...]

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