High-Clearance Nursery Sprayer: September 2021

The Beast Awakens...

Nursery Sprayer Options

The LEE Predator is a high-clearance nursery sprayer with an exciting variety of options, making it ready for action!

  • Engine: 70HP TIER 4 Final Diesel, Speed control

  • Solution Tank: 200 gallons¬†
    Front Boom Lift: Dual Paralleling Arms

  • Boom: 25ft. Spray Boom Hydraulic Fold, 16 Single Nozzle Bodies, 3 Section 20in.

  • Tire & Wheel: 9.5in. x 32in.

LEE Predator

The LEE Predator is a high-clearance sprayer that features a compact size and light footprint.

You will appreciate this platform for its ability to applicate in tight conditions while treading lightly through crops. 

LEE Predator Rear View

9.5in Treads on a 32in. Wheel

This LEE Predator was fitted with 9.5in x 32in. tires and wheels to give customers more options for different terrains.

Configure your LEE Predator today!

Glide over your specialty crops like a breeze on the water.
Contact our sales team for any and all information!

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