Glossary of Terminology

Sprayer Terminology

Here at LeeAgra, we have a variety of terms associated with our sprayers. Below are the most common terms you might be seeking within the manufacturing and industrial terms used on your soon-to-be or current Avenger, Predator, Spider, or Spider Classic.

The bending point where the two frames come together allows for the back wheels and front wheels to turn simultaneously. This makes steering easier and allows for sharper turns in and out of rows.

"Hydrostatic drives can be defined as devices for the transmission of energy by means of a pressurised fluid, thus differing from hydrokinetic drives which utilise the kinetic energy of the fluid. In hydrostatic drives, there is a transfer of fluid from the pump, which converts mechanical energy to hydraulic energy, to the motor, which converts the hydraulic energy to mechanical output. The kinetic energy changes in the fluid involved in this process are very low compared with the pressure energy changes and can usually be disregarded. The hydrodynamic effects of the fluid flow result in loss of pressure, so that hydrostatic drive circuits should be designed to give low-pressure loss, consistent with the overall economic operation of the system."

Source: Hamilton J.D. (1971) Hydrostatic Drives. In: Bell P.C. (eds) Mechanical Power Transmission. Mechanical Engineering Series. Palgrave Macmillan, London.

The oscillation of the frame allows the tractor to travel over rugged terrain and maintain better balance on slopes. This also helps take tension off of the frame whereas a rigid solid frame would take the brunt of the motion.

"Tier 4 compliant engines significantly reduce emissions of particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to near-zero levels. Relative to previous emissions standards, Tier 4 compliant engines reduce emissions by over 95 percent for most agricultural and construction equipment and just over 86 percent for much larger applications like locomotives and marine vessels."


Trailer Terminology

LEE Diesel Fuel Trailers are designed by expert engineers and assembled by master craftsmen who make safety and durability their highest priority to create the best diesel fuel trailers on the market today.

This is the maximum weight your vehicle can haul after curb weight, weight of passengers, fuel, and any accessories or cargo added to the vehicle.


Manufacturers Statement of Origin. 19 CFR §181.11:

(a) General. A Certificate of Origin shall be employed to certify that a good being exported either from the United States into Canada or Mexico or from Canada or Mexico into the United States qualifies as an originating good for purposes of preferential tariff treatment under the NAFTA.


Rollover Protective Structure

A rollover protective structure (ROPS) fits on an agricultural tractor and protects the operator in the event of a rollover.

Source: Rollover protective structures. (2013). Farm and Ranch eXtension in Safety and Health (FReSH) Community of Practice. Retrieved from

Quick Hitch Terminology

BOSS quick hitches are designed by expert engineers and assembled by master craftsmen who make safety and durability their highest priority to create the best three-point hitches on the market.

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The three-point hitch system is a standardized method of attaching implements to tractors. The three-point hitch uses two lower connection points and one upper point which provides a rigid connection.Hydraulic cylinders operate on the lower arms to raise and lower the implement.

DT 200 Terminology

One of our best-selling products, the DT 200 allows for easy transportation and day-to-day jobs. This fuel tank can be combined with a DT 200 cart and MSO conversion kit for highway use. 

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 Allows access to a 25ft hose or 50ft hose.

 Allows easy transportation for shorter hoses as seen in the above image.

Shipping and Handling

The terms related to shipping can be found below. For more concerns, see the LeeAgra Shipping Policy.

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Refers to the policy in which the shipper of a product retains responsibility until the product reaches its destination.


The policy in which the receiver of a product is responsible for occurrences during shipment.


(Less than a trailer load) refers to shipments that are less than a full trailer.

Collect on Delivery

Fueling Terminology

Here at LeeAgra, we care about your safety as well as those around you! These terms will keep you updated on the fuel terms associated with our equipment.

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§ 173.120 Class 3 - Definitions.

Combustible liquid. (1) For the purpose of this subchapter, a combustible liquid means any liquid that does not meet the definition of any other hazard class specified in this subchapter and has a flash point above 60 °C (140 °F) and below 93 °C (200 °F).


Company Terminology

Terms that help understand LeeAgra as a company. How and why we work the way we do to serve you, the customer.

A material handler moves products and materials throughout the manufacturing process.


Original Equipment Manufacturer is a company that creates and sells products that their buyers can later sell to its own customers under their own unique brand.