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Gauge 43in. Liquid Level
For the DT475, DOT500, DT500
89.20 89.2 USD
74.25 74.25 USD
Filter Head 1in. FP
Single. For diesel fuel tanks.
49.20 49.2 USD
5.00 5.0 USD
Pump Battery Cable Black
Sold by the foot.
1.95 1.95 USD
Fuse Holder Cover
Fuse Holder Cover.
1.59 1.59 USD
Fuel Cap 2in. Vented
Replacement vented fuel cap for LeeAgra all LeeAgra fuel tanks.
38.77 38.77 USD
DT 200 Platform Mount
Two can be installed on top of a DT200 or DT2x100 for tool placement, or equipment mounting.
114.00 114.0 USD
Fill-Rite 115V 20GPM Pump Kit
No filter package or siphon tube.
899.00 899.0 USD
Fill-Rite Diesel Fuel Auto Nozzle 1in. N100DAU12G
Diesel Fuel Auto Nozzle. 1in. High Flow. GPI.
155.00 155.0 USD
DT 200 Hose Tray
Nozzle and hose tray for DT200, DT100, DT2x100 works with up to 50ft of hose.
75.00 75.0 USD
47.20 47.2 USD
Gauge 43in. Liquid Level (Old Style)
Older model DT475 and DOT500 fuel gauge.
129.00 129.0 USD
39.80 39.800000000000004 USD
Fuel Nozzle 3/4in. Green
Automatic nozzle for diesel fuel. 3/4in. With green boot.
99.00 99.0 USD
Fuel Nozzle 3/4in. Red
Automatic nozzle for diesel fuel. 3/4in. With red boot.
149.00 149.0 USD
DT Fleet Package V4(Battery, Solar Panel & Tender)
Fleet includes, solar panel, battery group 24, solar panel charge controller, battery hardwired to pump from solar panel. Note this product must ship by LTL and cannot ship by UPS.
395.00 395.0 USD
DT Hose Reel
D2 = DT 200 Series / D4 = DT475 / D5 = DOT500 / D7 = DT975 / D9 = DOT990
1,349.00 1349.0 USD
Gauge 54in. Liquid Level
Gauge for the DT975 and DOT990
99.20 99.2 USD