LEE Diesel Fuel Trailers

At LeeAgra, we've built diesel fuel trailers for over 40 years. Our products stand out with modern design and quality that is second to none.

Our most
popular model.

500 Gallons
 4in. channel frame
 7000lb. G.V.W.R.

The farmer's choice for quality.

1000 Gallons
 6in. channel frame
 12000lb. G.V.W.R.

It's safe because it's strong.

500 Gallons
 Single Baffle System

The best trailer on the market.

1000 Gallons
 Dual Baffle System

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                    DT 200 Trailer

                    Tank Meets Trailer.

                    A 200gal. diesel fuel tank on a highway-approved trailer.

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                    DT 200 and DT 2x100 Containment Tray/Pan


                    Built to fit the DT 200 or DT 2x100 tanks.

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                    LEE Trailers Stand Out

                    For vehicles with a one-ton minimum towing capacity,
                    transporting fuel is now more convenient than ever!

                    Highly Visible

                    LEE diesel fuel trailers are highly visible in your rear-view mirror which increases safety while backing up, compared to generic square designs

                    Rigid Trailer Frames

                    The heavy-duty trailer frame withstands the toughest conditions on any farm and dirt roads.

                    Tread Plate Fenders

                    Heavy-duty fenders provide a sturdy service
                    platform and protect the tank and tow vehicle from debris during transport.

                    Baffle System

                    Our tanks are baffled to slow the movement of fuel when traveling. Heavy-duty steel and the end of each baffle give our products the strength to withstand the test of time. 

                    Heavy-Duty Pipe

                    Standard suction pipes can break with the movement of fuel in the tank.
                    Our custom suction pipes are the strongest on the market and will never need repair.

                    Rear Bumper

                    The rear bumper provides a sturdy platform for accessing the fuel nozzle.

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