LeeAgra Directory

Rick Radon, 
National Sales

Rick is knowledgeable, experienced, and eager to help. He can show you which high-clearance sprayer and options will serve you best. Thanks, Rick!

  (806) 687-5790 x2308 Main

Lynn Lee,

Lynn is the third generation of the Lee family to helm the company since 1949. His goal every day is to produce the highest quality farm equipment he can for great customers worldwide.

  (806) 687-5790 x2301 Main
   (806) 777-9021 Mobile

Accounting Dept.

The LeeAgra accounting department will answer all of your questions related to our vendors and sales.

Contact Accounts

  (806) 687-5790

Shawn Gustin,
Sales, Help Desk

Shawn has vast experience producing Lee products from sprayers to tanks. He is more than happy to help!

  (806) 687-5790 x2311 Main

Leyton Lee,

Leyton creates and maintains strategies to keep inventory flowing from our vendors as raw materials, then on to our customers as finished goods.

  (806) 687-5790 x2307 Main

Santos Rivera,

Santos pays attention to detail and makes sure the manufacturing process runs like a machine.     

  (806) 687-5790 x2310 Main

Lora Ybarra,

Lora Ybarra is a welcome addition to the LeeAgra family. She’s friendly and helpful at the same time!

  (806) 687-5790 x2300 Main

Terrence Brown,
Systems Administrator

Terrence administrates the ERP and business systems for LeeAgra.

  (806) 687-5790 x2309 Main