LEE Dual Tank Trailer

Dual DT 200 Tanks

The DT 200 gallon tank is one of our best-selling products. When you need two but also require them to be highly portable we have the solution. Add them to our DT 475 trailer!

DT 475 Trailer

The trailer uses two 3500lb. Torflex axles with electric brakes on one axle and a break-away kit. You can get the optional battery box with a solar panel kit for continuous charging. 

Odoo • Image and Text
A dual-axle DT 200 trailer with two DT 200s.
Odoo • Image and Text
The rear of the dual-axle DT 200 Diesel Fuel Trailer.

Dual 20GPM Pump Tanks

See this post about the same trailer with dual 20GPM DT 200s.

Order your Dual Tank Trailer today!

Whether it's for one DT 200 Diesel Fuel Tank or two, we'll make sure it's right for you.

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