LEE Predator Hydraulic System

No axles. No transmission. Just pressure.

4-Wheel Hydrostatic Drive

The LEE Predator is equipped with a hydraulic system that produces its movements. Because of this, there's no need for axles or a transmission. 

This system is what allows the LEE Predator to adjust its width and height, which helps reduce crop damage and produce a higher yield from your specialty crop.

LEE Predator Hydraulics

Odoo • Image and TextLEE Predator Centrifugal Pump
Odoo • Image and TextLEE Predator Wheel Hydraulic Cables

 What are hydraulics, though? Simply put, hydraulics refers to the power produced by a pressurized liquid. Regarding the LEE Predator, the wheels are powered individually by the hydraulic system, which means great power through tough terrain.

LEE Predator Spraying Specialty Crop

Configure your LEE Predator today!

Experience the power of hydraulics and watch your crops flourish.
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