Research Sprayer: LEE Avenger

More coverage in less time

LEE Avenger: Our Largest Research Sprayer

Research sprayer, commercial sprayer, and more...

Hello, friends! It may be the middle of winter, but that doesn't mean it's too early to consider investing in an all-in-one tool carrier.

The LEE Avenger High-Clearance Nursery Sprayer is our largest spraying platform, and with a vast array of configuration options, it can be outfitted for just about everything from commercial farming to research spraying. 

This LEE Avenger is part of a 3-pack and the trio will be used for research purposes. With machines like this, you can expect high-quality output and more coverage in less time.

Their configuration is as follows:

Tank Package: Triple 60 Gal. solution tanks and one 30 Gal. wash tank
Solution Pump: Hydraulic-driven centrifugal pump
Lifts: Front and rear
Front and Rear Lift Attachment: Quick Attach
Boom: 60ft. X-fold boom

60ft. X-fold boom

LEE Avenger

Triple 60 Gal. Solution Tanks and one 30 Gal. Wash Tank


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