Rise Up: LEE Predator

Reach new heights with the push of a button.

LEE Predator: High Clearance

What does "high clearance" mean?

When you look at pictures of field crops, you don't get a sense of how tall they are. 

Some crop varieties can grow over 6 feet tall. We can get you into those fields and over those crops when no one else can!

That's what we mean when we say "high clearance."

Odoo • Image and TextLEE Predator High-Clearance Nursery Sprayer

With the push of a button, the LEE Predator can rise to 82in. above the ground, depending on tire size.

This sprayer is built for specialty crops such as fresh produce, berries, wine grapes, coffee beans, seeds, flowers, and even trees.

Odoo • Image and TextLEE Predator Spraying Flowers
Odoo • Image and TextLEE Predator in Hoop House

Configure your LEE Predator today!

Glide over your specialty crops like a breeze on the water.
Contact our sales team for any and all information!

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