DOT 500 Diesel Fuel Trailer D5A2100


  • Gray
  • 500 Gallons
  • Dual Axle Brakes
  • 20 GPM Pump
  • R.O.P.S.
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D.O.T. 500 Diesel Fuel Trailer

It’s safe because it’s strong.

  • The D.O.T. line is built to the specifications of the Department of Transportation for transporting class 3 combustible materials.
  • Electric brakes on both axles with a breakaway switch.
  • The radius of the dished ends is formed instead of welded which decreases the stress points. During starts and stops diesel fuel rolls up the ends instead of surging forward and back. This reduces stress on the tank, trailer and tow vehicle.
  • Standard suction pipes can break with the movement of fuel in the tank. Our custom suction pipes are the strongest on the market and will never need repair.
  • Low-profile, square fuel trailer designs cannot be seen through the rear-view mirror while backing up. LEE diesel fuel trailers are highly visible in your rear-view mirror which increases safety while backing.
  • Heavy duty fenders protect the tires during transport and give a sturdy platform for servicing the fuel pump.

Rollover Protection System
A heavy duty roll cage protects the fuel pump and inlet valve in the event of a rollover.

Additional information

Weight 1878 lbs
Dimensions 150 × 81 × 77 in



Dual Axle


500 Gallons


7000 lb.