Nursery Sprayer: LEE Predator

A configurable tool carrier designed for specialty crops.

High-Clearance Nursery Sprayer: LEE Predator

Happy New Year, friends! We hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as we did!

As 2022 starts rolling along, farmers are already thinking of the crops they'll be planting and the various challenges they may face. The LEE Predator high-clearance nursery sprayer is a top-of-the-line configurable machine capable of gently gliding over delicate crops, has a light footprint, and is adjustable for comfortably fitting into hoop houses. 

No matter the challenge, many options are available to create the machine that fits exactly what you need!

See the LEE Predator in action:


Configure your LEE Predator today!

Glide over your specialty crops like a breeze on the water.
Contact our sales team for any and all information!

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