Spring is Coming

Small sprayers, big results

LEE Spot Sprayer

Control weeds with a LEE Spot Sprayer

Hello, friends! 

Spring is coming, and alongside it...weeds. These plants are every farmer's trial and tribulation, but with a LEE spot sprayer on your side, these pests can be eradicated quickly and easily without damaging your crops! 

The LEE Spider Classic can be configured as a spot sprayer, boom sprayer, wiper/boom, or endless other combinations to suit your specific needs.

LEE Spider Classic with Wiper Boom

LEE Spider Classic

If your farm has rougher terrain, we've got you covered. The LEE Spider is diesel-powered, has more horsepower, and is perfectly equipped to handle tougher conditions.

LEE Spider

Configure Your LEE Spot Sprayer today!

Contact our sales team  for any questions or additional information.


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