The LEE Predator and Agricultural Sciences

LEE Predator: Configurable Research Sprayer

The LEE Predator is a configurable sprayer able to adapt to many crop environments.

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As everyone knows, food is a basic human need. For more than 11,000 years, the human race has cultivated and domesticated plants for food, clothing, and shelter.

Eventually, this cultivation evolved into a diverse tree of Agricultural Sciences. With a multitude of configurations, the LEE Predator is well-suited for those sciences and facilitates the research process with high-tech equipment.

Spray system monitors detect the operating conditions of the total sprayer. 

They're sensitive to variations in travel speed, pressure, and flow rate.

The wheels are powered individually by the hydraulic system, which means great power through tough terrain.

These fluid mechanics allow the sprayer to adjust its width, height, booms, and adapt to many crop research environments such as hoop houses, high tunnels, nurseries, and greenhouses.

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LEE Predator: March 2022