Disaster Response

Onsite Refueling

Contingency plans require some form of energy for relief efforts. Emergency response centers can use their LEE fuel tanks or trailers to keep their units and fleets running longer in case they don't have access to a fuel station.

LEE fuel tanks such as the DT 200 are portable for a reason. They can assist during hurricane seasons, earthquakes, fires, and other disasters. 

You can stack and plumb up to five tanks together for 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel or have one in the back of a pickup truck ready to go. Portability and convenience ensure you're ready for anything. 

Remote Fueling

An emergency response base of operations can be anywhere. Oftentimes, they're far from the convenience of gas stations. They may even lack power during emergencies like natural disasters. To prepare for this, fuel trailers and portable fuel tanks are purchased as remote fueling stations.

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Fueling Your Home

When centralized energy collapses, DT 200s can be used as heating oil containers and diesel-powered generator fuel stations. 

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