DT 200 Diesel Fuel Tank


200 gallon diesel fuel tank.

1,495.00 1495.0 USD 1,495.00


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  • Color Options

    Colors other than standard gray could add up to two weeks to ship.

  • Pump Package

    Pump packages include pump, hose, filter and manual nozzle.
    Handpump excludes filter and nozzle.

  • Flow Meter

    The mechanical meter option mounts on the pump.
    Digital meter options mount between the hose and nozzle.

  • Hose Swivel

    Fits between the hose and the nozzle.
    Choose 3/4in. swivel for 13gpm and 15gpm pump packages.
    Choose 1in. swivel for 20gpm and 25gpm pump packages.

  • Hose Reel

    All pump packages come standard with 12ft. of hose.
    High-quality self-retracting hose reel options.

  • Hose Tray

    Helps manage hose, without the cost of a hose reel.
    Hose storage tray for hose lengths options longer than standard 12ft.

  • Extra Tank Vent

    For most applications, the included vented fuel cap is all that is needed.
    This is only if you need an additional vent. Not recommended for mobile tank use.

  • HD Battery Box

    1) No battery box.
    2) A battery box with no battery.
    3) A battery box with a battery.
    4) A battery box with a battery and an AC tender.
    5) A battery box with a battery, DC tender, and a solar panel.

  • Tank Riser

    This option is most often purchased when connecting two tanks.
    Raises tank 3in. off-ground for plumbing to be installed under the tank.

  • Work Platform

    Acts as a work surface or an area to mount tank accessories.
    Can mount up to two platforms per tank.

This combination does not exist.

Portable 200-gallon diesel tank for storing and transporting class 3 combustible materials.