Versatile for blueberries

Blueberries come in four different types, most notably the Highbush, which can grow up to 6ft.

No matter which variety you choose, we understand the need for an all-in-one tool carrier.

Our sprayers can be configured for just about anything you'll need for your blueberry crops.

Blueberry Sprayer Options

Static hydraulic trimmers

Our high-clearance sprayers can be configured with more than spray booms. 

This machine is equipped with a trimmer boom that prunes the blueberry bushes.


Blueberry sprayer tanks

Need to spray fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide on your blueberry bushes at the same time? Our sprayers can be configured with multiple tanks so you can spray more in less time.

Our newest High-Clearance Nursery Sprayer

The  LEE Predator is capable of handling the many varieties of blueberries.

Configure Your LEE Predator Today!

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