Nursery Sprayers

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Our History of Nursery Sprayers

Here at LeeAgra, we know our way around the intricacies of caring for nurseries of all shapes and sizes.
We've built nursery sprayers since 1949, and we continue evolving with the constant changes of application delivery.

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Nursery Sprayer Evolution

The Spider was originally manufactured to spot spray weeds in cotton and corn.

Around 1996, new technology came out that slowed down the need for spot spraying weeds in those crops. The demand declined significantly for the Spider in regards to spot spraying.

In about 1998, we began researching other agricultural markets to see who would be in need of such a machine as the Spider. It was during this research that we came to find out about the nursery market.

Most nurseries are smaller operations on smaller acreage, and in most cases, the crops are tall and require a high clearance machine for application.

Some examples of this would be tomatoes, cut flowers, seed production flowers, evergreen trees, potted plants, vegetables, and the list goes on.

In most cases, these nurseries need a light, compact machine that has high clearance capabilities to travel above the crops.

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Nursery Sprayers for Specialized Markets

As technology evolved, so has the need for traditional agriculture. For example, the fields in West Texas consist of thousands of acres of cotton, wheat, and corn. The equipment built to match the technology is trending larger machines with wider spray booms and larger tank capacity.

The smaller markets that are specialized and require much smaller sprayers to handle their crops have been neglected.

Thus, we at LeeAgra have made it part of our mission to supply those specialized markets with the equipment they need to get the job done right.

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Everything we've done has led up to this point.
Today, we are proud to offer you the newest nursery sprayer in the history of LeeAgra.

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