2018 Avenger LE Upgrades

Not only do we manufacture high-clearance tractors we service them too. With lots of acres under their belt, they provide lots of useful data. What is excellent about maintaining your tractors is the opportunity to look for improvements!

So when this Avenger LE came in for service, we decided to make some upgrades. This update will give you a preview of some options you can choose on the 2018 Avenger.

Larger Tires

2018 Avenger LE Preview Tire

We decided to put larger tire and wheel package on this tractor. It should provide a smoother ride. We also adjusted the setup to maintain the same wheel to leg width. That keeps the tractor’s light footprint to minimize crop damage.

Our field test proved that this new tire wheel package is a significant improvement for the 2018 Avenger LE.

Dual Speed Hubs

2018 Avenger LE Preview Tire

When field conditions vary, sometimes you need more torque at the wheels. To help this, the 2018 Avenger LE will come with dual-speed torque hubs.

You can now choose between high torque and high speed with the flip of a switch.

Auto-Retracting Ladder

Avenger LE 2018 Preview Ladder

For the first time, you won’t have to swing the ladder down manually. We’ve updated the 2018 Avenger with a retracting ladder.

You can actuate the switch in the cab or on the ground without the engine running. No more chain or pinning ladder in position.

2018 Avenger Preview Video

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