Avenger ’16 – Our Most Versatile Platform Ever

2016 LEE Avenger High Clearance Tractor

You asked for a versatile platform.
We built it.

Over the years you asked us for a variety customizations of the Lee tractor line. After researching and building many versions we are pleased to announce the new 2016 Lee Avenger. The high clearance and agility give you the ability perform in a variety of challenging environments. It’s the most versatile tool delivery platform we have ever built.

More Power

You asked for more horsepower so we nearly doubled it. The 2016 Avenger for the domestic market is powered by an 84HP Tier-4 interim Kubota diesel engine. For the EU we have a 74HP Tier-4 final Kohler KDI in an EC complaint machine package.

Variable Height and Width

Your research and specialty crops come in all shapes and sizes. Optional hydraulic legs quickly adjust to row width spacings of 74in. to 120in. and ground to frame height clearances of 60in. to 84in.

Precision Speed

You wanted precision speed control. The Plus One speed control system uses GPS to precisely maintain speeds up to 10mph.

Cab Improvements

We designed the cab around a charcoal filtration system for increased air quality and safety and every Avenger now comes standard with the certified Lee