Avenger Pro Shipping to California

Avenger Shipped 1
These are images of the Avenger Pro that we built for a seed company in California. It shipped 7/5/2012. This is a unique sprayer that is very popular for research trials.
Avenger Shipped 2
It’s capable of clearing crops 72″ tall. It raises and lowers hydraulically so that the sprayer height adjusts¬†easily as different crops grow during trials.

Another standout feature the hydraulically adjustable width. This is a must for all the different row widths in today’s research plots. The ability to move the legs in with hydraulics also speeds the loading of the sprayer on a trailer so that the research team can move quickly to the next plot.
Avenger Shipped 3
Like all Lee sprayers it features an oscillating frame, articulated steering, and a 4-wheel hydrostatic drive system.

Below are some to the key points that make the Avenger Pro the only choice for research plot spraying.

  • Adjustable height and width
  • Electronic speed control with cruise control by GPS
  • The LeeAgra Plus One System verses a manual control shifter
  • Ability to put booms on the front and the back of the sprayer
  • Light weight, so it’s easily moved from one plot to the next with a trailer and 3/4 ton pickup

Optional equipment

  • Air compressor
  • Cab vs open rider station
  • Research or multi-booms
  • Various guidance systems
  • Various tank options
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