Cat 1 Quick Hitch Quick Look

Designing this unique Cat 1 quick hitch has been a blast. In the design process our team was committed to thinking outside of the box. We wanted make the ultimate hitch for your Cat 1 and Cat 2 tractor for the implements you already have. So here are a few things we came up with.

  • Fit a Cat 1 and Cat 2 tractor.

  • Have a receiver hitch system for inserting ball mounts for towing trailers around the farm.

  • Have a place on the hitch to insert hay spears for handling of hay, pallets and general work where a traditional fork lift would be needed.

Here is what we produced! We really like the results and hope you will too.

Cat 1 Quick Hitch progress

Cat 1 Quick Hitch without a name

Naming this quick hitch was somewhat challenging. With this quick hitch being so much more than just a Cat 1 hitch, we wanted to make sure the name encompassed a“get the work done” mentality.  We finally came up with “F