Chats with Chad: Boss Sideswipe

From the Boss Sideswipe video:

Most people know that Lee has built one of the best quick hitches available on the market and we’ve had some customers that have come to us over the years and asked us to make special adaptations of this hitch and this hitch is actually one of those. We call this hitch the “Sideswipe” hitch.

Now I’m gonna explain very briefly how this hitch works compared to a normal category three hitch. So in this position, you have a normal category three hitch which your top link would be here, your bottom links would be in this position and you would hook up to a category three implement just like normal. But we’ve had a lot of guys who are wanting to plant a different and diverse set of crops here on the high plains that we think is probably expandable to other places in the country also. Most of these guys are on forty inch row centers but they’re wanting to plant so