DT 2×100 Fuel Tank Introduction

From the LeeAgra DT 2×100 Fuel Tank Introduction video:

Alright. Hey thanks for joining us again today we’re here at LeeAgra talking about some of our different products lines. The thing we want to talk to you about today is called our DT 2×100 Fuel Tank. And we’ve been building fuel tanks for a lot of years and putting them on trailers and we’ve sold them all over the world like that and people really love the design of our fuel tanks.

Well one of the questions we’ve got over and over and over was, “Do you offer anything smaller?” ’Cause for a number of years a five hundred gallon fuel trailer was the smallest trailer tank that we built. But after a number of questions and a number of times of revisiting that we finally decided, “You know what? We think their is a demand for our