From the LeeAgra DT 2×100 Fuel Tank Introduction video:

Alright. Hey thanks for joining us again today we’re here at LeeAgra talking about some of our different products lines. The thing we want to talk to you about today is called our DT 2×100 Fuel Tank. And we’ve been building fuel tanks for a lot of years and putting them on trailers and we’ve sold them all over the world like that and people really love the design of our fuel tanks.

Well one of the questions we’ve got over and over and over was, “Do you offer anything smaller?” ’Cause for a number of years a five hundred gallon fuel trailer was the smallest trailer tank that we built. But after a number of questions and a number of times of revisiting that we finally decided, “You know what? We think their is a demand for our product in a smaller package for the guys that don’t need five hundred gallons of fuel to still have a similar design, still have a similar capability.” So we came out with a new product line sometime back that includes a DT 200 which is a two hundred gallon fuel vessel very similar to this one.

And what we have here today is a DT 2×100. So I’m gonna go over and highlight some of the features of this DT2x100. One of the things that you’ll notice here is that we have pockets in the end of this both at the top and at the bottom. Those are for lifting this tank so even when this tank is full you can pick this up with up with a forklift from either a high point or a low point. If you have our LoadSABER set ups on a Cat1 Hitch. That’s a category 1 rear three-point hitch with LS1 LoadSabers that we also sell, you can pick this tank up from that low point and actually put it on a trailer or move it around about your property however you need to.

One of the key things we were shooting for there is, this tank is capable of being loaded in the back of a pickup. You can pick it up high and lift over the bed with it. You can pick it up low with a three-point hitch with an LS1 as I described. And you can actually drive on to your car hauler trailer or your utility trailer and you can set this down, take it to town, fill it up, bring it back, drive your tractor back on, pick it up drive it off. There is a number of way to handle this tank and that’s what we’ve designed for was being able to handle this tank in a number of different ways so we’re gonna bring in the camera a little closer and I’ll point out some of the specific benefits.