From the LeeAgra DT 2×100 Pump Package video:

All right. Some of the features that I wanna show you about this pump package that was optioned for on this tank, again this is a DT 2×100, this customer optioned this tank with the typical 20GPM Tuthill setup like we use on our 500 gallon fuel tank trailers as well as our 1000 gallon fuel trailers. So this is a lot of pump for this tank. But that’s what this customer decided they wanted so that’s what we provided them.

So the typical setup in this pump you’ll see here is you have the battery clamps which are replacement parts as well should those ever get old and rusty or need replacement. You see that you have an automatic fuel nozzle with a safety catch on it, you see I couldn’t take that out until I removed the safety catch. Now I can remove that nozzle and you’ll see this is an automatic fuel nozzle here. We have a 12ft (length) 1in. (diameter) fuel hose that you can see here. Again replacements parts that are available through the parts department here at LeeAgra.

We have this 20GPM Tuthill pump which is a very nice pump. We’ve had great success with those pumps over a number of years. That pump has a steel suction tube that goes to the bottom of this tank so that you don’t have anything that will get loose or break off inside that tank. It comes out of the pump. Has a suction strainer. Excuse me a filter element on it that is a particulate filter as well as a water separator. So we like to set our tanks up that way so that you don’t have to worry about what you’re pumping out of it. You can also see here that we have a vented fuel cap that does have a pad lock position on it so if you wanna lock this tank you can lock it.