Two frequently questions about the DT 200 are, “What all is included for the base price?” and “What NPT Openings are available?” I hope this post helps you with your buying decision.

NPT Openings

As you can see in the pic below, the DT 200 has four 2in. openings along the top of the tank. 1) Sight gauge. 2) Optional pump or vent. 3) Optional pump or vent. 4) Vented filler cap.

LEE DT 200 NPT Openings Top View

Sight Gauge

Here is a close up view of the sight gauge for the DT 200.

DT 200 NPT Openings Sight Gauge

Vented Filler Cap

Close up view of the vented filler cap.

LEE DT 200 Vented Filler Cap

2in. Drain

There is one 2in. drain located at the bottom of the tank.

DT 200 2in. NPT Opening Drain