Customer Success Story

The tractors at Fairview Evergreen Nursery in Pennsylvania were getting old and hard to service. Therefore, they needed a modern nursery sprayer for trees and bushes.

Fairview Evergreen Nursery Sprayer

Some Nursery Sprayer History

Fairview used outdated and highly customized equipment for a long time to spray crop trees and bushes.

For instance, this Ford tractor was converted to a high clearance tractor. W.F. Larson (Plainview, Texas) did these costly conversions back in the 1970s. However, replacement parts were scarce and service was difficult. Fairview struggled to find modern equipment that would work well in their environment.

These John Deere 6500 sprayers are also outdated. That makes it hard get replacement parts and service.

Enter The Modern Nursery Sprayer

Fairview searched the market for a high clearance tractor to replace their outdated machines. They contacted us to see if we could help. We built them a nursery sprayer that proved to be a perfect match for their needs.

Nursery Sprayer LEE Avenger

The LEE Avenger, with a height clearance of over 7ft. glides over the crop of trees. The hydraulically adjustable legs match the row widths on the fly.

Fairview successfully implemented the LEE Avenger platform into their operations. They’re now looking for other uses for the Avenger in their nurseries such as pruning and digging.

Avenger at Fairview Video

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