Specialty Crop Tractor Coming Soon

Specialty Crop Tractor by LEE

Spirit of Innovation at LEE

Historically, our goal at LEE is to produce innovative tractors to address numerous crop production issues like escape weeds, variety improvements, and chemical efficacy for researchers and row crop producers world-wide. We continuously pursue that goal by listening to current and prospective customers. We take lots of notes, conduct research, design prototypes and produce the most innovative tractors available.

However our current tractors do not address the needs of many professional applicators who grow specialty crops. They may have multiple row widths, multiple crop heights and the need to change the height or width of the tractor on the fly. They may need more engine power due to wet or tough conditions of specialty crops. Typically these two problems call for a heavier platform due to the amount of equipment necessary. Unfortunately, specialty crops are susceptible to damage with a larger heavier tractor.

Specialty Crop Tractor

In that spirit of innovation, we focus our pursuit on a new tractor targeting the needs of specialty crop professional applicators. This new high-clearance tractor is a lightweight platform yet retains the features of heavier tractors. It has a powerful diesel engine for challenging terrain. It has hydraulically adjustable row spacing and crop height for multiple crops types. It has a more