LEE Predator Produce Sprayer


Predator OS Specialty Sprayer

This new high-clearance tractor is a lightweight platform yet retains the features of heavier tractors. It has a powerful diesel engine for challenging terrain. It has hydraulically adjustable row spacing and crop height for multiple crop types.

It has a more comfortable spacious operator station that can be optionally enclosed and air-conditioned. The operating specs were designed to maneuver the tight conditions of specialty crop placements.

Predator In Action

4-Wheel Hydrostatic Drive

No axles or transmission necessary. The wheels are powered individually by the hydraulic system which means great power through tough terrain.

4-Wheel Drive

Powder Coated Finish

All of our products are powder coated making our products last a lifetime. The parts to be coated are positively grounded, so that the charged particles adhere to them until melted and fused into a solid coating in a curing oven. The result: a sleek, strong, high-quality finish.

Powder Coating

Predator Specs

Engine68HP Diesel Engine.
Top Speed12 MPH.
Row WidthHydraulically adjustable row width 70.5in. - 120in.
Underframe ClearanceHydraulically adjustable height 54in. - 78.25in.
Turning RadiusArticulating frame with 96in. minimum turning radius.
Tire / Wheel7.2x30in. Cleated Tire and Wheel.
Rider StationOpen with adjustable suspension seat and options for aftermarket enclosure for A/C and filtration.
Solution TankOptional up to 200 gallons.
Solution PumpOptional Hydraulic Centrifugal/Piston Pump.
BrakesDynamic:hydrostatic Static:Spring-applied hydraulic released wet disc.
SteeringCenter steering wheel.
Speed ControlManual hydrostatic control with electronic engine control.
Running LightsAmber/red rear lights.
Work LightsWide Angle LED Work Lights with directional boom lighting.
Fuel Tank Capacity20 Gal.
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity22.5 Gal.
Aux Hydraulic Flow10 GPM @3000 PSI
Dry Weight5,100 lb.

Predator Packages

LA-PROSCBPredator OS - Customizable Base
Predator OS BasePredator OS base model. 68HP Tier 4 Final diesel engine.

Predator Options

Part #ItemDescription
590910Front LiftParalleling arm hydraulic front lift.
552110Universal Rear LiftVertically telescopes 36in. along opposing cam
followers for increased rigidity and strength.
550020Quick Attach LegsQuick attach legs (pair). For front and rear lift.
550010Air CompressorElectric 12V 3.28 cfm dual air compressor and tank
for research boom or on board air.
550010GPS Speed SensorGPS ground speed sensor and display.
590915200 Gallon Tank200-gallon solution tank assembly and plumbing
with a hydraulically powered centrifugal pump.
55001230ft. Spray Boom30ft. manual fold spray boom only.
58300030ft. Wiper Boom30ft. manual fold economy wiper boom only.
58400030ft. Hyd Fold30ft. hydraulic X-fold spray boom only.
Folds under 102in. for legal transportation.
58402040ft. Hyd Fold40ft. hydraulic folding multi-use boom.
55003545ft. Hyd Boom45ft. hydraulically folding boom not under width/height.
Spray Controller for Boom
550822SCS 203 - 3 Section.3-section spray controller.
550823Raven 440 - 3 Section3-section auto boom control.
550826Raven 450 - 6 Section6-section auto boom control.
550828Raven Envizio Pro5-section boom control and valves with GUI and auto rate.
Nozzle Spacings
550820Nozzles 3 Sect 15 303-section nozzles with 15in. spacing. (30 ft booms only).
550821Nozzles 3 Sect 20 303-section nozzles with 20in. spacing. (30 ft booms only).
550825Nozzles 3 Sect 30 303-section nozzles with 30in. spacing. (30 ft booms only).
550824Nozzles 3 Sect 20 403-section triple nozzle body with 20in. spacing. (40 ft booms only).
550829Nozzles 3 Sect 15 453-section nozzles with 15in. spacing. (45 ft booms only).
550830Nozzles 3 Sect 20 453-section nozzles with 20in. spacing. (45 ft booms only).

Predator Dimensions