LEE DT 500 Diesel Fuel Tank

The LEE DT 500 Diesel Fuel Tank holds 500 gallons of fuel and comes with D-Ring Hooks for easy transporting.

LEE DT 500 Features


Easily store, dispense, and transport 500 gallons of diesel fuel or other class 3 combustible materials without a trailer.

Piping System

Plumb 2 together to get 1000 gallons of portable fuel storage and utilize D-Ring hooks for easy transport.

Liquid Level

The DT 500 comes with a fuel gauge and vented fuel cap so you don't need to worry about the pressure inside your tank.

LEE DT 500 Specifications


  • 2in. Drain Port

  • 10 Ga. Steel

  • Superior Welding

  • Powder Coating


  • Capacity: 500 Gallons

  • LxWxH: 72in., 52in.,  50in. 

  • Dry Weight: 750lb.

  • Loaded Weight: 4750lb.


  • Fits on a standard size pallet

  • Wrapped in plastic

  • Ships LTL via standard carriers

LEE DT 500 Configurations


Fill-Rite 20GPM 12V

  • Biodiesel up to B20, Diesel, Gasoline, Mineral Spirits

  • 19amps

  • DC

Fill-Rite 25GPM 12V

  • Diesel, Gasoline, Mineral Spirits

  • 30amps

  • DC

Fill-Rite 20GPM 115V

  • Diesel, Gasoline 

  • 5.5amps

  • AC

No Pump

Don't need a pump? No problem!


GPI Digital Fuel Meter

  • Gasoline up to E15, Diesel up to B20, Kerosene

  • 10 to 100 LPM (3 to 30 GPM)

  • 300 PSI (20.7 bar)

No Meter

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