DT 200 Diesel Fuel Tank

DT 200 Diesel Fuel Tank2017-09-21T15:11:45-05:00
LEE DT 200 200 Gallon Tank with 13GPM Pump
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LEE 200 Gallon Tanks

Our superior quality tank is now available in a size perfect for the small acreage farmer!

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Easily store and transport your class 3 combustible materials without a trailer.

Plumb 5 together to get 1000 gallons of portable fuel storage!

Fits on a standard size pallet.

Ships via standard carriers.


  • Capacity: 200 Gal

  • Dry weight: 380lb.

  • Loaded Weight: 1890lb.

  • Fitting: Standard 2 in. NPT

  • Length: 47.25in.

  • Width: 38in.

  • Height: 41.25in.

DT 200 Introduction

In this video, we introduce the DT 200 Diesel Fuel Tank by LEE.

Package Details

In this video, Chad discusses in detail the openings, gauge and 20GPM pump package on a LEE DT 200.

Cart Quick Look

We give you a quick look at the DT 200 on the simple LeeAgra cart system.

Cart Intro

This video demonstrates how the LEE DT 200 cart works. This cart ships with the DT 200 on a pallet.

Cart System with Options

Cart System with Trailer Kit and 20GPM Pump Package for the LEE DT 200 or DT 2×100 fuel tank.

DT 200 FAQs

Does the DT 200 have top and bottom lift ports?2017-04-12T16:33:41-05:00

The DT 200 and the DT 2×100 have port openings on the top and the bottom.

There are pictures of some of the first DT 200s that only included the the ports at the top of the DT 200.

Here is a pic of the ports on all DT 200s and DT 2x100s.

LEE DT 200 Lifting Ports
How long is the hose for the DT 200?2017-04-12T15:43:56-05:00

When a pump package is purchased for the DT 200 or DT 2×100 the standard hose length included is 1in. diameter by 12ft. long.

Does the DT 200 include a fuel cap?2017-04-12T16:25:59-05:00

Yes. All DT 200 and DT 2×100 packages include a 2in. vented fuel cap.


LEE DT 200 Vented Fuel Cap
What is the fuel filter used on the fuel trailers?2017-02-28T21:23:43-05:00

CIM TEC 70060

10 micron particulate & water removal filter for gasoline, diesel, ULSD, and ethanol blends up to 15%.  Does not detect phase separation.


Diesel Fuel Filter

What hose options are available for fuel trailers?2017-07-31T16:02:41-05:00



The standard hose length is 12′, it wraps around hook on the back of the tank. See pic below.

DOT 990 Rear

A 25′ hose reel is also available as an option. See pics below.

Reelcraft Hose Reel-web

How long is the hose for the fuel trailers?2015-11-20T17:09:10-05:00

The standard length hose for our fuel trailers is 12′.



Can I add a DEF tank to my fuel trailer?2016-11-17T12:22:43-05:00

Yes, We do offer a DEF Kit for all LeeAgra fuel trailers. See link to DEF.

How do you ship the DT 200?2017-04-12T16:32:59-05:00

The DT 200 easily fits onto a normal sized pallet. We then ship LTL freight. Some of the carriers we commonly use are SAIA, YRC, South Eastern, Old Dominion among others.

DT200 Pallet

How do I order a DT 200 and how long does it take?2017-04-12T16:35:41-05:00

Usually takes 2-5 business days to arrive.

How many opening does the DT 200 have?2017-04-13T08:26:19-05:00

The DT 200 has four 2in. threaded openings on top of the tank and one 2in. threaded opening on bottom.

LEE DT 200 Top View
Can I drain and clean out the DT 200?2017-04-13T08:56:40-05:00

Yes. Every DT 200 includes a 2in. bung opening to drain the tank.

LEE DT 200 2in. Opening
Does the DT 200 have a baffle?2017-04-13T08:57:48-05:00

No. Due to the size of this tank, there are no baffles.

Does the DT 200 have a fuel gauge?2017-04-13T09:01:37-05:00

Yes. A Krueger Fuel Gauge is an available option for the DT 200.

Do you offer a pump kit for the DT 200?2017-04-13T09:07:50-05:00

Yes. We can install the same pump package we use on the diesel fuel trailer line of products. This includes:

  • Tuthill 20 GPM Pump
  • 12ft. of 1in. Fuel Hose
  • 18ft. of Battery Cable
  • Battery Clamps
  • Fuel Filter
  • Suction Tube
  • 1in. Auto Nozzle
How much does it cost to ship the DT 200?2017-04-13T09:09:01-05:00

Approximate freight charges for the DT 200 shipped in the U.S.

0-500 miles from Lubbock, Texas = $125-$150

500-1000 miles from Lubbock, Texas = $175-$200

1000+ miles from Lubbock Texas = $250-$300


Will the DT 200 fit in the back of my pickup truck?2017-04-13T09:18:18-05:00

Yes. The DT 200 is designed to fit easily into the back of a full size pickup.

LEE DT 200 in Pickup Truck